The Party Wall etc. Act 1996

In 1996, The Party Wall etc Act extended legislation and procedures well established in London to the whole of England and Wales.  The Act has now been with us countrywide for over 15 years and yet by enlarge, those that can be affected by it are still unsure of its precise purpose:-

“An Act to make provision in respect of party walls, and excavation and construction in proximity to certain buildings or structures; and for connected purposes.”

But, there is no doubt about it – the Party Wall Act is complex and if the procedures are not followed correctly it has the potential to delay or stop works, or expose you to a claim for damage even if you have not caused it!!

If you are a building owner or a developer planning work which may fall under the Party Wall Etc Act, or are an adjoining building owner and have been affected by Party Wall issues, Pulse Associates can help.

We appreciate that money spent on Party Wall matters can impact directly on a project’s profit margin and that any time lost impacts on the ability to bring a development to market.  We balance the need to safeguard your position whilst keeping expenditure on Surveyor’s fees along with delays to a minimum.

Pulse Associates can provide the following services:

  • Training & Seminars (understanding the Party Wall etc. Act 1996)
  • Scheme Appraisal
  • Preparation of Notices
  • Condition Surveys & Schedules of Condition
  • Building Owner’s Surveyor
  • Adjoining Owner’s Surveyor
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