Construction Client Support

A Construction Client can be defined as “a party who carries out or assigns others to carry out construction, demolition or building works”.  The Construction Client is responsible for interpreting and translating the users’ needs, expectations and desires into requirements and pre-requisites for the construction project.

For the professional Construction Client who is regularly engaged in construction projects, the Construction Client function is a well-defined part of the organisation.

However, we recognise that ‘one-off Clients’ will often require assistance and support to execute their Client responsibilities.  We also recognise that, for a variety of reasons, even professional Construction Clients will often experience a need or demand for external consultant support.  At Pulse Associates, we have tailored our expertise to provide a Construction Client service to support professional or ‘one-off’ Construction Clients.

We can help at the Project Determination Stage; working with you to identify goals and requirements and translate these into construction terms before moving to the Project Realisation Stage; where we help clients engage consultants and contractors for design and construction and help manage the execution of the project

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