Commercial & Contractual Support

We recognise and understand the needs of your business and that there are times when help and assistance on commercial or contractual issues are needed.  At such times, you want that assistance from someone you can trust, in a format that you understand and quickly.  These issues are sometimes the difference between winning and losing a project, or a project going wrong, or costing you money.

You may want to have a better understanding of the terms and conditions of a contract, or to recover retention monies, or re-measure a project accurately for a final account submission.  You may not be able to find the time for these issues, because your time is better spent on doing what you do best.  Pulse Associates’ Commercial Managers are able to provide the support to allow you to do just that.

However, rest assured that it is not ordinarily intended that we will reinvent the wheel or attempt to change what is already in place, our service is designed so that our Commercial Managers support our client’s existing team.

Commercial & Contractual Support may include the following disciplines.

  • Measurement and taking off
  • Estimating
  • Risk Reviews
  • Negotiation and commercial settlement
  • Commercial and contractual claim preparation
  • Project turnaround (commercial and contractual)
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